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The Moon & Your Behavior

Have you ever wondered how the moon phases affect you? If so, then you are not alone. Astrology new york city professionals know exactly how the different phases of the moon play a role in how you think and act at any time. If you knew this information, you would likely be able to control yourself more by predicting you actions according to the moon. Let’s take a look at a few of the phases of the moon and how they have an effect on your temperament and behavior.

New Moon

When the new moon is present in the sky, it is your time to make your mark. Your judgment will shift to being more subjective, so you will likely appear to favor your own interests over others. You’ll be marching to the beat of your own drum and rebelling to express yourself loud and proud. This will be a time you question things and why they are the way they are, changing what you think is dissatisfying.

First Quarter Moon

During this time, you may feel like building new plans and structure for yourself. Your goals will seem very important and you’ll find yourself wanting to make moves towards accomplishing them. However, changes during this time may be a bit difficult.

Full Moon

You’ll likely be very aware of your effect on others. You can find yourself being objective and giving everyone the benefit of the doubt. You may be more apt to let others influence your actions and judgment, giving control to someone else. You tend to lean on others and depend on their strength.

Astrology new york city

The phases not only change the appearance of the sky, they change how people react to each other and their circumstances. You can gain a bit more control over your life by studying the moon and how it affects you specifically.

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